When In Doubt, Read

This is something I always forget.

I get so bogged down in the idea that I should be writing, waste my time staring down a blank page that I know I’m supposed to fill with something, feeling the guilt well up as the clock ticks away.

I pick up something new (Room, 39.4, if you were curious) and let myself fall into it and suddenly I’m remembering all the words I’d gone and forgotten. And I’m also remembering the entire point of this all, which is not to struggle and fight to fill a page. It’s to have people read what I’m writing, and feel something.

It’s so easy to break our writing goals into pages and numbers and for us to forget what the goal is, forget our own ending. So easy to get lost in the to do lists and the deadlines.

Next time you’re stuck, reach for something new. Get lost in the words and the authors who have all conquered, like you will conquer. Yes, we should fight through those blocks, but make sure to feast on those spoils of other fights won before you throw yourself against the barricades your brain’s built for you.

Relearn your language from someone else’s hand. Then go back and fill that paper up with how that makes you feel.

Happy writing, everyone.


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