Reading Goals for the New Year

Last year, I read more books than I have in the two previous years combined. Part of it was finally feeling comfortable with reading again, which has been a bit of a struggle since my head injury But another part of it was that I only read what I wanted to read. No ‘oh, I should read this because it’s what I’m supposed to read.’ I also finally quit the bookstore, which I think in the end encouraged my reading more than anything.

I also read entirely books that had queer characters as significant characters. Not only did this encourage me to read more, but it made me feel better in general, too. Even though I know it’s not true, when I read I felt like we had equal representation out there. The fact that I could fill a whole year with amazing queer books is in itself an accomplishment, honestly.

Anyway, for this year I want to do the same thing, although I am expanding my focus to include any book with a diverse cast. A lead of colour, or a lead struggling with a disability, mental or physical. Books set in other countries. Diverse writers, too.

Kicking off the year with Girl Mans Up. Gonna try to work my way through the backlog of books I have lying around that I haven’t read, and that one’s at the top of the pile!

Of course, if I don’t manage to read quite as much as last year because I’m writing more, I am not going to complain.

Submissions: 3
Rejections: 0


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