January Round Up

So, January was an up and down month for me. Had some very difficult personal stuff go down, plus a lot of job-related stress. With all that happening, I’m impressed I got even the little I wrote finished.

I submitted to four things in January, and in doing so definitely tried out some new things. I submitted to my first contest since high school, and also tried my hand at some creative non-fiction, which has always been a bit of a struggle with me, but I had a surprising amount of fun with. Guess that’s something I’m gonna be exploring more in the future!

I also got three rejections in January! Not as many as I need for the challenge, but I think as long as I’m building on my submission number every month, I’ll be happy.

My newest show has started too,  and since I’m doing some dramaturgy with this one I am sure I’ll find some inspirational words in my travels.

All in all, I’m just glad it’s February now.

Submissions: 6

Rejections: 3


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